"A Bridge Home: Emergency Temporary Housing"







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December 13, 2018

Critical Commentary

This is an official video from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's website to promote his initiative for emergency homeless shelters. The first of these shelters, featured in this video, converted a nearby parking lot at La Plaza (El Pueblo) into a series of temporary housing that serves the surrounding homeless community.

The video begins by thanking the generosity of Los Angeles voters for backing a ballot measure that made funding for this shelter possible. Though this is most certainly true, it glosses over the fact that many L.A. communities - most notably in Koreatown and Venice - blocked efforts to construct homeless shelters within their own neighborhoods. 

Garcetti's then describes Los Angeles' founding, recalling the "brave explorers" who settled in this area. Garcetti's contextualization of contemporary socioeconomic progress is curious, for it also circumnavigates the fact that those explorers (pobladores) were one of the initial waves of settler colonialism in the region that wrought extraordinary disaster upon the indigenous Gabrielino communities who called "Los Angeles" home. 

On a separate note, this video features political, corporate, and civic leaders who are backing the project. Only in one brief segment do they feature the account of a formerly homeless woman. The opinions of the hopeful opportunities and relief that this shelter will provide come only from the supporters of this iniativate, and not from the homeless community itself. One must wonder what narratives are obfuscated - either purposefully or accidentally - but not allowing the nearby homeless community discuss their opinions of the shelter. 


A Bridge Home: Emergency Temporary Housing. Los Angeles. Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. 2018. 



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El Pueblo de Los Angeles
125 Paseo De La Plaza
Los Angeles, CA
United States