Child Poverty in Essex County

Based on data from 2016 there are approximately 189,492 children living in Essex County.  Statistics show that poverty in Essex has slowly decreased over the past few years, but children are still highly affected by poverty.  There is a connection between single-parent households and poverty; 44% of households in Essex County are headed by one parent.  One of the health issues related to child poverty is high blood lead levels.  Research shows that children, specifically in Newark households, are affected by lead poisoning.  Out of all New Jersey counties, Essex County has the highest percentage of high blood levels in children.  State-mandated lead mitigation could be important to avoid the repercussions of childhood lead poisoning.  It was found that in 2003 Newark had varieties of people considered as "in poverty".  Twenty five percent of families, thirty two percent of people over the age of sixty five, fourty two percent of female householder families, and fourty six percent of children under eighteen.


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