Disaster STS Engagements Shared Questions


BEGINNINGS: What academic work was the basis for this Engagement?


TRANSLATIONS: How has the work of this Engagement moved beyond the university?


INFRASTRUCTURES: What scholarly infrastructure has supported this Engagement?


EVENTS: What events have marked the development of this Engagement?


CONDITIONS: What external conditions have influenced this Engagement?


FRAMEWORKS: What (methodological/ theoretical/ political/ ethical) frameworks have had

strong influences on this Engagement?


PUBLICS: What audiences and collaborators mark this as an Engagement?


MODES: What skills and formats has this Engagement required?


NETWORKS: What people, projects, and products exemplify how this Engagement has

developed over time?


EDUCATION: How has this Engagement returned to the university?


FUTURES: How is the future of this Engagement envisioned?


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Created date

December 18, 2018

Critical Commentary

Disaster STS Engagements digital collections are focused through 11 shared questions that can be asked across all Engagements so as to enable comparative insight.



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