Environmental Violations in Newark and New Jersey

Environmental Violations

Newark, NJ is one of the nation's largest port cities. There are many statistics that show how the gradual urbanization of this area has lead to high levels of environmental pollution. The city is heavily impacted by the daily flood of mass transportation including train and air traffic, and the many industrial chemical plants. Most of these chemical plants and factories have a history of disposing of their waste illegally or negligently without penalty. 

It is important to note how these chemical plants and the steady flow of mass transportation emit pollution in both the air and water to the surrounding areas. Lawmakers are beginning to work with various enviornmental organizations to enforce penalties and hold non complaint industries accountable. This action is crucial in protecting the people who live in the surrounding communities, as they are ultimately the most negatively affected.

Our project highlights various enivornmental related news or policies created in the State of New Jersey, but mostly within the city of Newark. We would like to stress the previous lack of response from our voted governances to ensure the health and safety of the urban communities and their current efforts to change the future outcomes.

Passaic River receives ten year clean up plan for mass pollution

Efforts will be made for long term clean up of the notoriously polluted Passaic River.

NPR All Things Considered: NJ River Polluters Fund Toxic Fish Swap

Mutated Fish Caught in Passaic River

GONZALES: Children pregnant women, women who might one day want to be pregnant - they're not supposed to eat any fish from most of the waters in New Jersey. Men are told it's safe to eat a tiny bit - like, one catfish per year. Avad eats way more than that.

Newark vs. DuPont Co. and the other polluting corporations

Newark lawmakers to follow through with pressing charges against offenders who have caused environmental damage to the city. 

Air Quality in Each County

Image shows map of NJ, including all of its counties. Air quality ratings are on a scale of A-F.

F grade being air quality that is considered unsafe for children, active adults, and anyone with respiratory ailments.