The City of Newark's 2016 consumer confidence report

The City of Newark's 2016 consumer confidence report. The report states: "This report meets the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requirement for “Consumer Confidence Reports”". The 2016 Newark water report includes this image as the cover image of the report showing the drinking water of Newark to the consumers.

Urban Waters and the Passaic River/Newark (New Jersey)

Learning what is in the Passaic River and other small bodies of water that are being contaminated with chemical waste. 

‘Peaceful valley’: Passaic River is reborn in New Jersey

This photo is also connect to a website that explains the recovery of the Passaic River clean up

10 Year Toxic Water Clean-up in the Passaic River

"NEWARK — The Passaic River was once the backbone of an industrial corridor, snaking through this stretch of northern New Jersey and sustaining the factories and plants that cropped up alongside it. But now, the river’s banks are dotted by deserted manufacturing sites while the waterway remains scarred after decades as a dumping ground for industrial pollutants that linger in the water and have seeped into the soil" (