The Midwest Field Station: Anthropocene Drift

Space along the Mississippi


  1. How and why have you delineated the space (along the Mississippi River) you are working in?

  2. What -- in brief -- are key characteristics of this space (demographic, eco-atmospheric, economic, techno-infrastructural, and so on)?

Projects and Initiatives

  1. When and why did you first start working in this space?

  2. What initiatives have you taken in this space so far?

  3. What initiatives do you have in mind for the coming or remaining year in association with the HKW project?

  4. What groups and organizations have  you to partnered with in your HKW-related initiatives?


Quotidian Anthropocene Tactics


  1. At this point what do you think your space conveys about “quotidian anthropocenics” -- the way “the Anthropocene” plays out in very particular ways in different spaces?

  2. Thus far, what tactics for engaging your local, quotidian “Anthropocene” have you found to be particularly generative -- and possibly relevant to re-play at other sites?