New Industrial Park Near Eastvale





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Created date

December 5, 2018

Critical Commentary

This photograph was taken near Eastvale CA in the Inland Empire. In composing this picture, my intent was to layer ground, building, and sky to imply vastness. Additionally, I took the picture during a Santa Ana wind event and you can see that even the sprawl of the new warehouse is at the mercy of the dust cloud sweeping across the plane. 

With all of these components, the photo draws the viewer into different layers of temporality, the fluidity of industrialism in the region, and the immanence of natural forces in funneling living and work in one direction and another.


McGrath, Andrew. 2018. “California Urbex and Labor." In California at Risk, a class project for “Ethnographic Methods,” Anthropology 215a University of California Irvine, Fall 2018.