Breif of Interveiw with Mrs. Saleemah Graham

Position Held: Community Engagement Specialist at Camden Street School

Date 4/13/18

Question: What are the socioeconomic backgrounds of the children that attend? Do you see any children battle children in single parent homes face translate to school?

Response: The majority of the children come from working to lower working class home falling below the poverty threshhold. One the second portion of the questions children in single parent home typically have less income flowing into the home. The parents work long hours and sometimes have older sibling pick up eachother or babysit the younger. For older children having these responsibilties are somewhat overwhelming and influence them academically or even cause them to act out in class because they arent getting attention at home.

Question: How does the school provide support for childrens of less afluent homes?

Response: The school has multiple programs to assist children in low income homes:

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Breakfast Program: The first 10 minute of their morning class

After School Program from 3:00pm-6:00 called Afterschool All Stars

How does poverty affect the Community?

Children who grow up in high poverty area have multiple socio-economically barriers to move past. They are at a much greater risk for health and developmental challenges, with lack of resources and connections the extremely likely to become "statitic" cases. And the issue continues to grow.

Feildnote From volunteer observation with Afterschool Program 

School: 13th Ave Elementary 

  • PHS of NJIT volunteer there weekly; Universities can be stakeholders and influence child development
  • Siblings can walk childen as young as second grade; A 8th grader walked a 2nd grader home.
  • Most children read below grade level, Health Heros a nutritional program held by NJIT was discontinued to prep for the Parc because children did not do well in testing
  • Very little academis enrichment was dont besides completion of homework; basically a daycare


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April 24, 2018