Taiwan RCA Toxic Tort

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Woodruff, Maggie. 2018. “Taiwan RCA Toxic Tort.” In Disaster STS Engagements, created by Maggie Woodruff.  In Disaster STS Engagements Exhibit, curated by Maggie Woodruff and Kim Fortun. http://disaster-sts-network.org/content/taiwan-rca-toxic-tort.

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Disaster STS Engagements Shared Questions

BEGINNINGS: What academic work was the basis for this Engagement? TRANSLATIONS: How has the work of this Engagement moved beyond the university? INFRASTRUCTURES: What scholarly infrastructure has supported this Engagement? EVENTS: What events have marked the development of this Engagement?...Read more

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Disaster STS Engagements in Brief

Disaster STS Engagements is a special exhibit organized by the Kim Fortun and Maggie Woodruff with the University of California Irvine Newkirk Center for Science and Society to showcase how the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) has moved from academia to the public and back. All...Read more
Guinea Pigs Go to Court: Epidemiology and Class Actions in Taiwan

Chapter 8 of Powerless Science?: Science and Politics in a Toxic World (edited by Soraya Boudia and Nathalie Jas, 2016) was co-authored by Paul Jobin and Yu-Hwei Tseng. The chapter discusses "industrial diseases" in Taiwan and the network of citizens, workers, and lawyers that organized...Read more