(Who is) Thriving in a Hotter LA?



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December 8, 2018

Critical Commentary

This image is an advertisement for a talk in which “experts in energy, environmental science, law and urban planning will address the challenges of creating sustainable and resilient megacities.” This talk was affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit and part of UCLA’s Sustainability Grand Challenge. I chose this image because of its description of LA as a ‘megacity’ positioned in a space in which it can be both a leader and learner of sustainability. Moreover, I was drawn to this image for two reasons (1) the use and role of branding logos at the bottom of the image to represent key stakeholders in this project of making LA thrive, and (2) the image of Echo Park Lake overlooking the DTLA skyline - areas in which intense gentrification has been guised under claims of “revitalization.”


Emmett Institute on Climate Change & the Environment. 2018. "Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles: Can L.A. Model Sustainability for the World’s Megacities, and What Can It Learn From Others?" UCLA Law, December 9, 2018. https://law.ucla.edu/centers/environmental-law/emmett-institute-on-climate-change-and-the-environment/events/4681/2018/9/12/Thriving-in-a-Hotter-Los-Angeles-c---Can-L-d-A-d--Model-Sustainability-for-the-Worlds-Megacities-and-What-Can-It-Learn-From-Others-q--/?sf196891395=1 

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