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December 8, 2018

Critical Commentary

This image represents page 10 in the City of LA’s Sustainable City pLAn 2nd Annual Report 2016-2017. It directly follows two pages documenting “the people behind the plan” - LA’s Departmental Chief Sustainability Officers and the Mayor’s Sustainability Team. On this page, an image of two pages found later in the document is used to tell the viewer/reader “how to read the report.” I chose this image because it signifies the role of the expert in guiding the work and understanding of sustainability. Unlike most images that one encounters, this one is direct: the viewer is socialized as to how the image should and can be read. There is little room for interpretation --or deviance-- by the non-expert in this light.  


Krieger, Diane, ed. 2017. Sustainable City pLAn 2nd Annual Report 2016-2017. Mayor's Fund For Los Angeles. http://plan.mayorsfundla.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/sustainability_pLAn_year_two.pdf