A Billion Black Anthropocenes

McKenzie Wark reviews A Billion Black Anthropocenes by Kathryn Yusoff.Read more

Molecular Red in Nine Minutes

McKenzie Wark responds to a review of their work Molecular Red, clarifying some of their main points and arguments in the book.Read more

About Q.A. Austin

In light of the unprecedented frequency and intensity of recent heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and flash floods, Austin, Texas has joined a growing list of cities across the US committing to energy transition as a means of climate change mitigation. Yet, even after establishing that an energy...Read more

St. Louis Anthropocene: Energy Tech

ENERGY TECH: In April of 2018, Ameren, a Midwestern based power company, announced a 12 week energy tech incubation program. The incubation...Read more

Entergy fined $5 million, can move forward with new power plant

In New Orleans, residents vocally opposed plans to construct a new natural gas plan on the East side of the city but City Council approved it nonetheless.  Later, an independent investigation showed that the "the majority of the [City...Read more

What Does Catastrophe Reveal for Whom? The Anthropology of Crises and Disasters at the Onset of the Anthropocene

This is an Annual Review of the anthropological literature on crises and disaster in the Anthropocene.Read more

Racial Capitalocene

Françoise Vergès discusses analyses of the Anthropocene at the intersection of race, capitalism, imperialism, and gender that have been produced by minorities and scholars of the global south.Read more

Climate Politics in the Anthropocene and Environmentalism Beyond Nature and Culture in Brazilian Amazonia

David Rojas discusses a collaboration with REDD+ scientists, where their experiences in Brazilian Amazonia, interpreted through the framework of the Anthropocene, enabled natural scientists to partly transcend the Nature/Culture binary.Read more

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