California at Risk

Ethnosketch, Core Categories: CA Homeless

Core Categories in LA Homeless/Shelter BedsRead more

Field Works, La Plaza: Past and Present

I designed this field works trip as a way to allow for interested participants to analyze La Plaza as a case study for LA’s, and view it as a site of the visible intersections of environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, and urban vulnerabilities. One of the goals of this...Read more

Ethnosketch, Peopling a Project: CA Homeless

Peopling a project with LA Homelessness/Shelter BedsRead more

Ethnosketch, Competing Hegemonies: CA Homeless

Competing Hegemonies with LA Homeless/Shelter BedsRead more

EthnoSketch: Historicizing a Project

This sketch should include at least ten events that had significance in the historical build up to your project space -- from your perspective, and from the perspective of people in your various “divided vernaculars”.   It should also select a nodal year – like 1984 for my Bhopal...Read more

Ethnographic Sketch, Core Categories

This ethnographic sketch explains in further details two of the central lenses that I use to view vulnerabilites at La Plaza: urban expansion/renewal and multiculturalism. Read more

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