California at Risk

Ethnographic Sketch, Competing Hegemonies

This ethnographic sketch highlights the competing discourses surround La Plaza. This document complements the "Mapping Subject Positions" sketch. Read more

Field Works, La Plaza: Past and Present

I designed this field works trip as a way to allow for interested participants to analyze La Plaza as a case study for LA’s, and view it as a site of the visible intersections of environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, and urban vulnerabilities. One of the goals of this...Read more

Ethnographic Sketch, Mapping Subject Positions

This ethnographic sketch highlights the competing visions and objectives of persons and entities involved with shaping La Plaza's history, culture, politics, and infrastructure. Read more

Ethnosketch, Competing Hegemonies: CA Homeless

Competing Hegemonies with LA Homeless/Shelter BedsRead more

Ethnographic Sketch, Core Categories

This ethnographic sketch explains in further details two of the central lenses that I use to view vulnerabilites at La Plaza: urban expansion/renewal and multiculturalism. Read more

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