• Anecdote are used as a tool to reveal the inequality. A Senegalese man was undergo irregular treatment for six years, and his father was injured when serving with the Senegalese Tirilleurs.
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There is an interactive tool which can search some grant data by location and disaster. They apply diagram to show the data and easy to analyse. For example, Summary of Disaster Declarations...Read more


The report collect the data after the Haiti's earthquake and epidemic, most reference data is between the 2011 to 2013. It is found many people in Haiti is still live in tents or under tarpaulins...Read more


Users enter to read cases, news, comments and ask questions. There are resources such as latest news, papers and photos offer users information. User could share the source and this website to...Read more

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Types of data, and how we situate and maintain them, is a critical aspect of considering what a multi-modal or open access anthropology will look like. For my sketch, I am tasked with considering some of these complexities when localizing data practices.Read more


It used recording data for 455 married or cohabiting persons who were from 23 counties of Mississippi at the time of Hurricane. There are also a highly experience epidemiological survey team and...Read more


The web platform could counting how many times view the website and the quantity of each data people view. The data can be analysed and see what area that people more interested. As well as user...Read more


The report applied some other goverment research reports, organisation's research article, interview and telephone interview. It can shows the problem of the organisation or system after the...Read more

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