Austin's Resource Planning Working Group's 2016-2017 Recommendations

This document contains the official recommendations Austin's 2016-2017 Electric Utility Commission's Resource Planning Working Group. They were determined after a series of working group meetings and deliberations. The document also includes individual comments on the recommendations that...Read more

About Q.A. Austin

In light of the unprecedented frequency and intensity of recent heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and flash floods, Austin, Texas has joined a growing list of cities across the US committing to energy transition as a means of climate change mitigation. Yet, even after establishing that an energy...Read more
Negotiating the urban smart grid: Socio-technical experimentation in the city of Austin

These three authors from the UK discuss the smart grid project run by Pecan Street Inc. and analyze Austin's attempts to reduce carbon emissions through the lens of urban experimentation.Read more

Entergy fined $5 million, can move forward with new power plant

In New Orleans, residents vocally opposed plans to construct a new natural gas plan on the East side of the city but City Council approved it nonetheless.  Later, an independent investigation showed that the "the majority of the [City...Read more

Austin Energy Resource Planning Working Group Presentation

Austin Energy's Vice President of Strtegy, Technology, and Markets discusses the Municipal Utility's perspective on the value and the risks of energy transition as a method of climate protection.Read more

Data: The Fifth Utility?

An interesting take on the possible need to consider data as a publicly managed utility, written up as a blog post by Pecan Street, a 501c3 development organization in Austin.
...Read more

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