Sara Wylie

Fractivism: Corporate Bodies and Chemical Bonds

Fractivism: Corporate Bodies and Chemical Bonds is Sara Wylie's first book. Published in 2018, Duke University Press describes the book: 

"From flammable tap water and sick livestock to the recent onset of hundreds of earthquakes in Oklahoma, the impact of fracking in the...Read more

The Future of Environmental Health: Engaged Communities and Strengthened Partnerships (webinar)

CHE's description of the webinar : Children, especially poor children, die preventable deaths, suffer illness, and fail to reach their full potential. . . in part because of gaps in our environmental health system. How have we let these children down? Why are our systems so complex? How do we...Read more

Dr. Sara Wylie - Northeastern Faculty

Dr. Sara Wylie is Assistant Professor at Northeastern University with a joint appointment in sociology/anthropology and health sciences. View her NU College of Social Sciences and Humanities faculty page here . View her NU Bouvé College of Health Sciences faculty page here .Read more
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