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What history of ideas, practices and institutions are behind these ideas and plans for just transition?

Monday, January 10, 2022 - 1:08pm

The photo essay captures the complexity of place and the intersectional challenges embedded in everyday life in Asuza. In particular your discussion of encampments (a problem endemic to the wilderness areas in the Foothills as well as urban areas like washes, and under freeways) is much appreciated because it is something residents encounter all the time and yet there is a generalize silence about this topic. 

I feel, as in all our work on the SGV, the greater Los Angeles metropole has such an huge influence on the area--on traffic, the housing market, schools etc. I would like to see this essay embedded within multiple studies of Southern California, including mapping projects that connect it regionally to other communities as well as locally enmeshed institutions that shape the daily lives of local inhabitants.

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