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August 14, 2019 - 6:46pm

Critical Commentary

A recording of our preparation and plan meeting for the New Orleans Anthropocene Field Campus 2019.

Chat log:

23:03:30 From Scott Knowles : https://www.hkw.de/en/programm/projekte/2018/mississippi_an_anthropocene...
23:04:07 From Scott Knowles : STL Campus: https://disaster-sts-network.org/content/quotidian-anthropocenes-st-loui...
23:04:07 From Kim Fortun : https://disaster-sts-network.org/content/quotidian-anthropocene/essay
23:06:09 From Kim Fortun : Tim, You are recording?
23:06:19 From Tim Schutz : yes
23:31:15 From Tim Schutz : Amanda, there was some noise, so I muted your phone. So please unmute if you want to comment :)
23:31:33 From Scott Knowles : Jen: great question!!!
23:31:51 From Scott Knowles : We have time at 4S to do just this!
23:41:40 From Jennifer Henderson : Would like to build on the mention of Max Liboiron and thinking about mutual aid. Here is a Twitter thread she captured of a presentation by Eve Tuck about tensions of research, harm caused by research, and the role of research/university (or not): https://civiclaboratory.nl/2019/05/03/research-on-our-own-terms-by-eve-t...
23:44:20 From Scott Knowles : That’s Tony West
23:45:09 From Scott Knowles : https://www.stlmag.com/culture/st-louis-filmmakers%E2%80%99-showcase-201...
23:45:44 From Scott Knowles : Thanks Jen
23:46:58 From Jason Ludwig : https://disaster-sts-network.org/content/quotidian-anthropocenes-new-orl...
23:47:10 From Scott Knowles : Yes please add materials to this archive!
23:47:39 From Maka Suarez : This is also a very useful link from Max on avoiding extractivism and other forms of collaboration:
23:47:41 From Maka Suarez : https://civiclaboratory.nl/2019/03/19/the-power-relations-of-citizen-sci...
23:48:45 From Jennifer Henderson : Thank Maka!
23:56:57 From Scott Knowles : An example of a product we might aim to make from NOLA campus: https://www.4sonline.org/blog/post/tactics_for_quotidian_anthropocenes
23:57:46 From Scott Knowles : ALSO as a note, I love the idea that people might come with ideas of how they would host their own field campuses, and on the Thursday of the field campus we will engage this discussion at the “Making and Doing” session of 4S
00:01:20 From June Jeon : Hi all. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself. My name is June Jeon, PhD candidate in sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am a lab ethnographer. I have studied how environmental scientists have been impacted by Trump administration’s anti-environmental science policy. I am excited to join here. I am interested in developing a teaching material that brings anthropocene into environmental sociology class. Thanks!
00:01:41 From Scott Knowles : Thanks June—sorry about that!
00:01:55 From Scott Knowles : Appreciate your introduction and excited to work with you
00:02:13 From Scott Knowles : I share your ambition but for a history class
00:03:27 From Scott Knowles : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS5MNK0_X_Q
00:03:58 From Maka Suarez : Thanks to everyone organizing this! It is a really great to be a part of it!
00:04:07 From Scott Knowles : Bye all

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