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April 22, 2021

Changhua Environmental Protection Union (彰化環保聯盟)

Photo gallery (台西村影像館)

Water-Worshipping Rites of the Choushui River Watershed

"Given a lot of attention in recent years is the "Taixi Village Bai Xi Wang" in Dacheng Township in Changhua County, taking place on the 16th day of the 7th lunar calendar month. Residents of Taixi Village shoulder offerings carried on poles, and in bamboo baskets to the embankment by the Choushui River, praying to the heavens, to the earth, and to the river god. So far, most village residents still hoist traditionally woven bamboo baskets for their offerings with just a handful reverting to using plastic baskets and containers. About half of the village residents still cook their own food offerings, mostly comprised of vegetarian meals, place-holder molds of the three sacrifices (pig, chicken, and fish-shaped bread loaves), fruit. Some also offer cookies or other biscuits, instant noodle packages, and canned foods for their main offerings. The ritual is carried out for about two hours, starting from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. At the end of the ceremony, everyone present goes down to the river-side wall of the embankment to burn joss paper money. After finishing the ceremony, the residents take their offerings back home."

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March 15, 2021
In response to:

Yunlin County Neritic Zone Aquaculture Association 雲林縣淺海養殖協會

Mai Zai Lai Independent Bookstore and Cafe, Mailiao 麥仔簝獨立書店、麥仔簝文化協會, Yanling 2016

Qiaotou Elementary School Xucuo Branch (next to 6th Naphtha Cracking Complex) 橋頭國小許厝分校

Kongfan Temple 拱範宮

Mailiao Office of the Yunlin Environmental Protection Bureau 環保署中區環境事故專業技術小組(雲林縣環保局麥寮辦公室