3. What intersecting factors -- social, cultural, political, technological, ecological -- contribute to environmental health vulnerability and injustice in this setting?


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April 22, 2021

Social pressure by the village (Miss Li-Yi  Hsu 許立儀)

Dam construction and water usage by 6th NCC; taking away water used for agriculture


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March 15, 2021
In response to:


Dependency on Formosa (80-90% of the local economy) to provide basic political and social infrastructure to support community fabric (County Admin office, school, hospital without good reputation, sport’s center, cultural center, small market -- what else?)

No alternative jobs to working in the plant, young people moving away to Taipei or Kaohsiung

No awareness of the “local culture” and subjectivity outside of Formosa (according to local cultural figures)

Everybody works at formosa or has family members there -- difficult to criticize

No independent data, a lot of paid researchers competing for hegemony of research findings (e.g. marine sciences, studies of oysters and clams degradation) 

System of contract workers that creates hierarchies between workers