About the 2019 Weather Ready Homes Workshops


In early 2019, the Climate, Health, and Home team received funding from the CUSP mini-grant program for the sixth consecutive year. The 2019 workshops focused on climate change preparedness, home weatherization, and mold risks. As in past years, the workshops were designed to run for two hours. The workshop structure included introductory and concluding formats that were designed to give participants space to share their experiences and concerns. The workshops were anchored by four presentations from partner organizations, and two interactive activities.

Two of our workshops were held at locations where we have previously run workshops: St. John’s church in Mayfair and the LCFS West Philadelphia Senior Center in East Parkside. We also held a workshop at a new location, the Bayard Taylor School, in Hunting Park. We selected these locations based on a publication from the Water Department, which had identified these communities (among others across Philadelphia) as being at higher risk of flooding.


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April 20, 2020 - 1:12pm

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This is a short description of the Weather Ready Homes Workshops that took place in 2019.



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