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Climate Ready Philly is a community education project that teaches Philadelphians about climate change. We provide basic, evidence-based information about global climate change and how Philadelphia will be impacted by rising temperatures, more precipitation, and stronger storms. Our curriculum and activities focus on how climate change impacts Philadelphia homes, infrastructures, and health. Our workshops include informational presentations, group discussion, and hands-on activities.

Since 2014, we have facilitated fifteen community climate change workshops in nine Philadelphia planning districts. More than 400 citizens have attended these workshops. Our facilitators have expertise on air quality, energy efficiency, disaster response and emergency preparedness, and respiratory health. Climate Ready Philly workshops are also anchored by two-way learning –  we have learned a lot from residents over the last six years! Most people who come to our workshops feel that they are already experiencing climate change impacts. Hotter summers, changing ecosystems, and unpredictable weather are the most common changes reported by workshop participants. You can learn more about the project results by reading about our website below.

We would like to thank the Franklin Institute and the Climate and Urban Systems Partnership for funding and supporting this project.


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April 27, 2020 - 5:11pm

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