Adaptation Plans

This essay was designed for the Urban Climate Adaptation seminar as part of the Quotidian Anthropocene River School. In this seminar we focus on climate adaptation policies (or action plans) that have been created by cities. In the last decade, more and more cities have produced “climate action plans” which document city-specific climate impacts and possible or planned interventions. We have found over our research that there is wide variance in what cities produce in this genre. Some cities focus on the economic dimensions, while others focus on infrastructural risks. Some climate action plans inequity and the need for community involvement, and some make no mention of this layer of climate planning. 

We have posted a number of climate action plans in this essay. We encourage you to look at a plan or two, or to find your own. Many additional North American city plans are posted at the Urban Climate Change Research Network’s North American Hub. Of course, these plans are long! Perhaps just look at a section or two that most interests you, and then reflect on the following analytics. 


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