Air pollution monitoring in El Vado




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January 7, 2020

Critical Commentary

We used two particulate matter (PM) monitoring networks, while sharing with neighbors the chemical components of PM and its impacts on health.


The first PM monitoring network analyzed sedimentable particles, which is an indicator of air quality according to the Ecuadorian environmental legislation, and which should not exceed 1mg per cm2 in 30 days.


For this, five plastic buckets were placed in different points along La Condamine street during four 1-week periods and the community was able to measure* this pollutant concentration using University of Cuenca labs. 

* The particles in each bucket were washed with distilled water and weighed after its filtration, following dry and weight processes of filter papers and porcelain capsules before and after filtration. 


The second monitoring consisted in using a low cost sensor (Smart Citizen Kit 2.1) lended by the environmental management commission of Cuenca’s Municipality. The sensor was located in the facade on Juan’s workplace and recorded fine particulate matter (PM10/2.5/1) as well as meteorological parameters for the concentrations correction during September and October months.


Ronny Zegarra - El Vado, 2019


El Vado
La Condamine