Annotating a climate policy


We invite DSTS users and Quotidian Anthropocene participants to use the following questions to analyze the climate adaptation and action plans posted for the Urban Climate Adaptation seminar.


What type of plan is this (mitigation, adaptation, combined, action)? How did you distinguish?

What are the top level goals of the climate plan?

What organizations helped develop the climate plan?

What jurisdiction does the climate plan cover?

Who/what must comply with the climate plan?

Does the jurisdiction have a history climate change related impacts? How were these described in the plan?

What problems are identified in the climate plan?

What kind of data sets are used in the plan?

Who is the intended audience for the plan?

To what extent and in what ways is ‘climate change’ identified as an opportunity?

What stakeholders, communities, and populations are mentioned?

How are stakeholders involved in the plan and its implementation?

When was the climate plan written and how many drafts were circulated before finalized? Were these drafts publicized?

Does the plan specify how actions will be funded?

How does the plan define health? (Quote examples)

Are health outcomes a core goal?

How is vulnerability defined and described in the plan?



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July 23, 2019 - 12:14pm

Critical Commentary

The following questions were created by Ali Kenner and Kerri Yandrich in 2016 to analyze urban climate planning documents, include 80x50, adaptation, mitigation, and climate "action" plans. The original structured analytic and annotations can be found on The Asthma Files platform.


Ali Kenner and Kerri Yandrich, Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Drexel University



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