DIY Lead Remediation

image of the text "Quotidian Anthropocene" with an incomplete circle around it drawn in red brushstroke

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Schütz, Tim. 2019. "Art + Landscape STL". Disaster STS Platform, published May 15, 2019.

About the Quotitidan Anthropocene Project

The Quotidian Anthropocene project explores how the Anthropocene is playing out on the ground in different settings. The aim is to create both situated, place-based and comparative perspective, building new modes of collective knowledge and action. Extending from Eli Elinoff and Tyson Vaughn’s...Read more
St. Louis GCADD Lead Documentation: TaraCorp Site

This is an EPA report on the lead contamination at the TaraCorp Lead Smelter a few blocks in Granite City, a few blocks from the Granite City Art and Design District (GCADD).  The documentation was provided by Chris Carl, GCADD Studio Land Arts Director. Read more

Study of Lead Pollution in Granite City (1983, unavailable)

"This is a study of lead exposure in the communities of Granite City, Venice, and Madison. It was undertaken because a secondary lead smelter has operated for several decades where the three communities join. The study uncovered very high levels of lead in the soil around the smelter but blood samples of children and adults living in a one-half mile radius of the smelter showed no blood poisoning or unusually high lead levels. Garden vegetables were also analyzed for lead and drinking water records were also reviewed to help gain a total picture of lead exposure."