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Data: The Fifth Utility?

An interesting take on the possible need to consider data as a publicly managed utility, written up as a blog post by Pecan Street, a 501c3 development organization in Austin.
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Planning Documents and Presentations

Austin Community Climate Planning Equity Tool

This equity tool was created by the Austin Office of Sustainability in collaboration with the Community Climate Planning Steering Committee and their Equity Working Group.

This tool is intended to guide the Community Climate Planning Process to make sure that equity is at the forefront of...Read more

2016-17 Recommendations for Resource Planning Update

The recommendations produced out of the 2016-2017 Electric Utility Commission Resource Planning Working Group.Read more

Research Articles

Climate Change Projections for the City of Austin

A report produced by Katherine Hayhoe with ATMOS Research and Consulting that summarizes the climate impact projections for Austin centered on the 2020's, 2050's and the 2080s.Read more

Optimal Residential Energy Consumption, Prediction, and Analysis

This dissertation, written by Joshua Daniel Rhodes, was supervised by Michael E. Webber of UT Austin's Energy Institute and Webber Energy Group. Rhodes worked with the staff at Pecan Street Inc. and utilized their data to assess, analyze, and optimize how residential buildings use and generate...Read more

Field Recordings

City Council Regular Meeting Transcript – 08/10/2017

A transcript of a public hearing where Austin residents expressed their concerns about the 2016-2017 Recommendations produced by the Electric Utility Commission Resource Planning Working Group. Discussion of the recommendations begins at the bottom of page 96.Read more