Children in a Changing Climate: The Importance of Childcare Providers in Disasters - AECA 2016 Keynote video


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August 1, 2018

Critical Commentary

Dr. Lori Peek delivered the keynote address to the Arkansas Early Childhood Association (AECA) annual conference in Little Rock, AR in 2016. The Vimeo link to the keynote describes the video as follows:


Resilient Children/Resilient Children Initiative (RCRC) project director and NCDP Deputy Director, Jeff Schlegelmilch sets the stage by introducing the RCRC Initiative. In her talk, Dr. Peek focuses on the critical role childcare providers may play in a child's outcome before, during, and after a disaster. She references her book, co-authored along with Alice Fothergill,"The Children of Katrina", to present real world examples from Hurricane Katrina where childcare providers served as advocates and anchors for the children in their care. To learn more about the RCRC Initiative follow the link below.

Special thanks to AETN for filming and live-streaming this important presentation.




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