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Kenner, Alison and Sarah Stalcup. "Climate Ready Philly".  Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, (2 March 2020).

About Climate Ready Philly

About Climate Ready Philly

Climate Ready Philly is a community education project that teaches Philadelphians about climate change. We provide basic, evidence-based information about global climate change and how Philadelphia will be impacted by rising temperatures, more precipitation, and stronger storms. Our curriculum and...Read more

Climate Ready Philly Analytics

BEGINNINGS: What stories have been told about the beginnings of Climate Ready Philly? CONDITIONS: What external conditions have influenced Climate Ready Philly? INFRASTRUCTURES: What infrastructure has supported Climate Ready Philly?Read more

Scholarly Publications

Kenner, Alison. 2019. "Mold." Theorizing the Contemporary, Fieldsights, June 27.

Kenner, A., Skula, A., Mankikar, D., Zimmermann, I., Nobles, E., Menzo, J., Flaherty, T., Zerbo, R. (2020). The Climate Ready Home: Teaching Climate Change in the Context of Asthma Management. Environmental Justice. Manuscript accepted for publication.

Project Presentations

Kenner, A. (2019, Oct. 30). The Climate Ready Home: Reimagining Domestic Infrastructure in Vulnerable Times.  Delivered at the Engineering the Anthropocene series, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, United States.

Kenner, A. (2019, Oct. 9). The Climate Ready Home: 21st Century Public Health Innovations in Philadelphia, PA. Delivered at the History of Public Health in Philadelphia: From Yellow Fever to the Opioid Epidemic. Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States.


Kenner, A. (2019, Sept. 3-7). Undoing Housing Infrastructure, or Why Affordability is a Maintenance Issue. Delivered at the 4S Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LO, United States.

Kenner, A. (2019, July 10). Breathing Easy in a Changing Climate: A Report from Community Health Education in Philadelphia, PA. Delivered at the Formas de lo Humano: Por una Anthopologia de la Contemporaneidad, series, Kaleidos, University of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Kenner, A. (2018, Oct. 24) The Politics of Change: Climate Epistemologies Amid Urban Redevelopment in Philadelphia. Delivered at the STS Colloquium Series, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, United States. 

Kenner, A. (2018, Aug. 31 – Sept. 2). Asthmatic Attunement, Pollen Forecasting, and the Time of Climatic Epistemologies. Delivered at the Society for Social Studies of Science meeting, Sydney, Australia.

Kenner, A. (2018, Apr. 3-7). Creating Climate Carescapes with Science Education. Delivered at the Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Kenner, A. (2017, June 6). Assessing Asthma in a Changing Climate. Delaware Climate and Health Conference, Delaware Natural Resources and Environmental Control, New Castle, DE, United States.

Kenner, A. (2016, Nov. 7). Breathing in Climate Change: Tracing Shifts in the Place of Urban Public Health. Delivered at the History and Sociology of Science Colloquium Series, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

Project Partners

Analyzing Climate Ready Philly

TOPICS: What topics have been prominent in Climate Ready Philly in different years?

Over the years, the topics presented at the Climate Ready Philly Workshops have changed, but all have retained a central focus on climate change in Philadelphia, air quality, and respiratory health. In 2014, the first Climate Ready Philly Workshop, “Be Air Aware: A Healthier Home in a Changing...Read more

Quotes About the Workshop

Beginning in 2017, at the end of each workshop, attendees were offered the option to sign up to participate in follow-up interviews with Dr. Alison Kenner of Drexel University. In these interviews, participants discussed their experiences with climate change, housing, and the city's available resources and gave feedback on how they thought the City has responded to climate change as well as what they thought about the workshops. 


Investing in the Community

While the goals of the Climate Ready Philly workshops were to bring climate change education and resources to Philadelphia communities, individuals reported a wide range of reasons for attending our workshops. For some, such as Diane Smith, the main draw was not the topic of climate change, but...Read more

Gaining a Community's Trust

While discussing how her community can be slow to trust, she noted that the Climate Ready Philly team was doing something right in their workshops by using a hands-on approach. In her opinion, this approach not only helps people retain what they’ve learned but it also helps communities help...Read more

Managing Climate Change on Different Scales

When Miranda heard about the 2018 Breathing Easy In a Changing Climate Workshops she was motivated to attend to learn about how to deal with mold issues. However, she wasn't just looking for information on how to manage mold as an individual; she was also concerned about mold on a larger scale. Ali...Read more

The Value of Hands-On Learning

In post-workshop surveys, the hands-on activities were frequently praised as the most informative parts of the workshops. As Ruby and Andrea described, the hands-on aspects of the workshop helped them connect the knowledge they already had to the new information being presented.Read more

Information is a Foundation of Empowerment

Some individuals attended the workshop specifically to learn information about climate change. For Bobbie Freedman, the current political administration greatly piqued his interest in climate change and made him realize that he wanted to be more informed about the topic. Bobbie described that he...Read more