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Fortun, Kim. 2020. "Collaborative Analysis: COVID-19, Anti-Blackness and Rebellious Mourning," Transnational STS COVID-19 Project.  Disaster STS Network. June 7. 

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8:46 (memorial for George Floyd)

US Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide

Content warning: police brutality

See Slate news coverage and videos.

Radical History Review


Protesting Compound, Cumulative Effects

US Police Violence Makes It Harder To Fight COVID-19



THURSDAY, June 11, 6-7:30AM PDT

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This week, we'll tune our discussion to the worldwide protests against anti-blackness and police brutality.  See shared questions to the left.  To respond to the questions, click on the annotation button here, selecting the question set for  “COVID-19, Anti-Blackness and Rebellious Mourning.” See annotation instructions

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