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de la Torre III, Pedro, Josh Moses, Duygu Kasdogan and Kim Fortun. 2020. "Collaborative Analysis: COVID-19 and the University," Transnational STS COVID-19 Project.  Disaster STS Network. July 23. 


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Collaboration Call Thursday, July 23, 6am, PDT

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This discussion will return to the challenges of universities within the COVID-pandemic, first discussing how our teaching and mentoring can meet students where they are coming from, then discussing our COVID-19 Student Ethnographic Portfolio Project (designed to support both teachers and students in the pandemic).   

A brief research agenda focused on “Higher Education, Brief, Bereavement and Loss in COVID-19”  developed for the Hazard Research Center’s CONVERGE project will orient the first part of our discussion.  (Note many research agendas in the CONVERGE set that will be of interest). 

The COVID-19 Student Ethnographic Portfolio Project will be the focus of the second part of our discussion: its aims, how to organize it, etc.   See the set of assignments developed or drafted so far.   People who have contributed or are planning to contribute assignments will provide brief overviews and take questions.  There also will be time to discuss possibilities for drawing your students into the project.