Cover slide: COVID Collaboration Call: Project Reflections & Directions


Duygu Kasdogan, James Adams, Priyanka De Pedro de la Torre III, Priyanka deSouza, Alison Kenner, Aalok Khandekar, Briana Leone, Ina Kim, Angela Okune, Maka Suarez, Tim Schütz, Prerna Srigyan, Amanda Windle and Kim Fortun. 2020. "Collaborative Analysis: Transnational Disaster STS COVID 19 Project: Reflections and Directions," Transnational STS COVID-19 Project.  Disaster STS Network. July 30.

Collaboration Call Thursday, July 30, 6am PDT

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This discussion will focus on the design and future directions for the Transnational Disaster STS COVID-19 Project.  Read the recently updated Project Design Brief. 

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