COVID-19 Rapid Student Interview Project


This project aims to provide an engaging project for post-secondary students (undergraduate and graduate) to gain experience with qualitative research methodology  while contributing to public discussions about everyday experiences with COVID-19. We also hope to highlight the impacts of COVID-19 on people with different kinds of jobs, in different kinds of households, in different places around the world.   

All interviews will be fully voluntary and anonymized to protect the privacy of interviewees. Interview data will contribute to the Transnational STS COVID-19 Project, helping build public resources about COVID-19 built from a diverse array of experiences and perspectives. Students are welcome to participate through classes or on their own. 

The data collected will be used to create thematic “PECE Essays” on the Disaster STS Network platform. A PECE essay (like this page) is a collection of items, in this case quotes and excerpts from the collected interviews as well as information and other resources relevant to the topic, organized into an online collage with text added for context. For another example of a PECE essay, click here.

Interview Questions

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How to Participate

Participation is open to post-secondary school students (18+ years old) anywhere in the world as both individuals and as part of a class. If you are a student interested in participating as an individual, or a faculty member that would like to have their class participate, please use this form to contact us.

Other Resources