Fortun, Kim, Pedro de la Torre III, Amanda Windle and Duygu Kasdogan. 2020. "Collaborative Analysis: COVID Communications," Transnational STS COVID-19 Project.  Disaster STS Network. June 27

COVID Communications

Radiation Politics in a Pandemic


THURSDAY, July 2, 6-7:30AM PDT

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This week, we'll examine the sources, dynamics, challenges and inventiveness of COVID communications in different settings.  See our growing and iterating shared questions to the left.  During the Collaboration Call, we'll work to refine these questions (by trying to answer them, by thinking through communication dynamics in other disaster contexts, by recalling various theorizations of communication).   To respond to the questions, click on the annotation button here, selecting the question set for  “COVID Communications”. See annotation instructions

Take special note of the item below, a briefing document for the Simon Community in the UK (which supports homeless communities there) prepared by Amanda Windle, drawing on discussions in the Transnational Disaster STS COVID-19 Project -- illustrating the potential for moving from collaboration within the project out to various communities of practice. 

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COVID Communications: UK Simon Community

This document is a briefing note that explores transnational perspectives on risk communication, drawing on discussion in the COVID-19 Transnational Disaster STS Project Design Group.  The briefing note addresses the Simon Community Board of Trustees in the UK's Stage 3 re-opening in June 2020...Read more

Shuar Testimony on COVID-19 - Risk Communication

Manuel is a Shuar leader in the Kuamar community in Ecuador. In June 2020 he tested positive for COVID-19. For days he and his community of 120 people requested medical attention from Ecuador's National Health System (NHS). They received none. When this audio went viral along with other voices...Read more