Covid Data Group moving forward

I've been working with the COVID-19 Data Group. As a first step, we drafted a text artifact about Data and Privacy for the COVID-19 Project. We also started collecting relevant links, articles and data visualizations.

Moving forward, we would like to expand the list of COVID-19 Civic Data tools used in teaching the course Environmental Injustice. 
A Ph.D. student actively involved in the COVID-19 Racial Data Tracker reached out to us after hearing about our work on the COVID Calls podcast (July 23, 2020). The student is interested in our analysis and would be available for an interview.  

I'm also interested in looking further into COVID data across three national contexts. For Germany, I would like to learn more about health data policies and privacy. I also hope to contribute to the essay on data politics in Turkey, based on nascent collaborations with Free Software advocates based in Istanbul. Together with Kim Fortun, I also want to learn more about civic data activism in Taiwan, responding to the petrochemical company Formosa Plastics.

So far we have organized ourselves in a WhatsApp chat group to exchange links and articles. We are planning to have a next working group meeting soon. We are also open to new members. 


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