COVID19 India Group November 2020 Update





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December 4, 2020 - 4:22am

Critical Commentary

This is a collage made from the visuals discussed by this artifact's contributors at the T-STS COVID19 India Group meeting on November 24, 2020

Three questions emerged from our discussion:

  • What gaps does COVID19 reveal in health infrastructures in this place? 

  • Who is activated as an environmental advocate during COVID19 in this place? What is their capacity to respond to COVID19 as a disaster?  (e.g. community health workers; frontline workers; labor rights)

  • Which places are being seen, or not being seen, in new ways due to COVID19? (e.g. households become a source of biomedical waste--connection to housing, biomedical waste, and public health; the boundary between gated communities and slums as a place)

We plan to add these questions to the analytic sets (1) Questions about Places (2) Transnational Framing 

For more details, please visit our working group page: