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The analytic set T-STS COVID Project Shared Questions is the project's repository of collectively emerging questions. Research groups focused on themes and places can work with these questions and contribute to their, and/or evolve their own analytic sets. 

For now, a few questions have been thematically categorized within this place-focused essay. If you click on them, you can read how different people have answered the question, in this essay or elsewhere. As you would see, there is no required length or style of annotation!


See this emerging analysis on COVID19 and Education. See also this analytic set on COVID19 Education and Expertise. A few questions to consider:

How are COVID-19 educational disruptions characterized in different settings? What is being foregrounded and obscured -- as problems, and as needed response?

How does COVID-19 challenge entrenched ways of thinking about the purposes and content of education? What literacies does COVID-19 call for?

How is COVID-19 challenging the finance and operations of different kinds of educational institutions, in different settings?


See this theme-focused essay on COVID-19 Data Scales and Systems. A few questions to consider:

What data infrastructure supports efforts to understand and respond to COVID-19?

What data is being generated to better understand COVID-19 and where is it being stored/analyzed/collected and to what effects?

What claims are being made about COVID-19 and how is data leveraged or not?

How  are big data and algorithmic tools being used in response to COVID-19 (tracking people and goods, in diagnostic and therapeutic efforts etc), and how does this compare with their use in other pandemics?

How is disinformation spread through/across the design of different platforms?

What COVID-19 data visualizations are in circulation and to what effect?


How is COVID19 impacting and intersecting with food security?


See this theme-focused essay on Energy & COVID19 and the analytic set on Energy and COVID19 Scales and Systems. A few questions to consider: 

How is energy research, planning, and development being carried out or resisted during COVID-19?

What laws and policy have addressed COVID-19’s impacts on energy production, distribution, and consumption?