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The Formosa Plastics Archive Design Group, led by Tim Schütz and Shan-Ya Su, will continue to develop and steward the project, establishing its conceptual and technical architecture, serving in roles akin to editors. The Design Group also maintains links to the broader research programs of the Disaster-STS Research Network and Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography (PECE).

The archive further advances critical disaster research and pedagogy in the projects Quotidian Anthropocenes and the Beyond Environmental Injustice Teaching Collective.

「台灣塑膠檔案」匯集跨國石化企業台塑公司在不同國家場址運作的視覺化紀錄,媒材包含報告書、影像、動態影音。本檔案支持「日常人類世」(Quotidian Anthropocenes)和「跨國災難科技與社會Covid-19」(Transnational Disaster STS COVID-19 Project) 研究計畫研究;素材亦用於「環境不正義」(Environmental Injustice)課程案例。


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December 20, 2020 - 3:51am

Critical Commentary

Description of the Design Group for the Formosa Plastics Archive. 

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