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Title: Cripping Medicine: A Mad Pride and Disability Justice Lens on the MIC

In this workshop, we’ll be approaching medicine from a Disability Justice lens (a framework for liberation that seeks to end ableism in connection with ending all other forms of oppression). We will challenge medical school students to question internalized ableism and sanism, and the potential for our field (and selves) to cause or further exacerbate trauma, harm, and violence for Disabled, mad/mentally ill, and neurodivergent patients. As future doctors, it’s critical to understand how medicine and psychiatry have often been used as tools of oppression for multiply marginalized folks (including: practices of eugenics, forced hospitalization, triage policies, etc.). We will ask: How can I best support Disabled, mentally ill, and neurodivergent patients? What have I been taught about Disability and mental illness? How can I work to unlearn my own internalized ableism? And what skills do I need in order to center my clients’ autonomy and self-determination in my medical practice?


Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu (they/she) is a white, queer and non-binary, Disabled, neurodivergent, survivor of sexual violence and the medical/psychiatric system. They show up for their communities as a Disability Justice educator and organizer, parent, somatic and non-clinical healer, writer, Transformative Justice practitioner, and as the Founding Director of Project LETS. Their work specializes in building non-carceral, peer-led mental health care systems that exist outside of the state— and reimagining everything we’ve come to learn about madness. Stefanie is the editor of Abolition Must Include Psychiatry and the author of We Don’t Need Cops to Become Social Workers.


Monday, October 4th, 6pm ET


Annenberg 22-90

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Relevant Reading, Watching, and Listening

Article: "Six Ways of Looking at Crip Time" Ellen Samuels

For HRSJ Nexus course week on disability activism. 

Consider the ways medicine, and medical education, insist upon linear time. Read more

Blog Post: "Forced Intimacy"

Mia Mingus explores intimacy as an ableist norm

Blog Post: "Abolition Must Include Psychiatry"

Stella Akua Mensah and Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu examine what abolition from psychiatry might look like. 

Disability, Climate Change, and Environmental Violence The Politics of Invisibility and the Horizon of Hope

Article by Julia Watts Belser that merges together DisCrit theory with Environmental Justice studiesRead more

Disability Visibility Podcast

An episode on race and disability studies with Dr. Sami Schalk and Dr. Subini Annamma.

Next Steps

Check out the work and events of Health Justice Commons

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Also see the Stanford Medicine Abilities Coalition

Relevant Reading, Watching, and Listening

Article: "Estimated Prevalence of US Physicians With Disabilities"

[For HRSJ Nexus Students]

Consider the factors that keep disabled people out of medicine and how this might reproduce ableist constructions of patients and pathology. Read more

"Making Up People: Clinical Classifications"

An intro into Ian Hacking's work on "looping effects"