Disaster STS Network


The Disaster-STS Network links researchers from around the world working to understand, anticipate and respond to disaster, fast and slow.  Current projects focus on Quotidian Anthropocenes, COVID-19 and Environmental Injustice. 

An instance of the  Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography (at https://disaster-sts-network.org/) provides digital workspace for the Disaster-STS Network.   The platform was launched July 21, 2016.


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January 26, 2020 - 6:33pm

Critical Commentary

Standard description of DSTS Network and platform. 

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Anonymous, "Disaster STS Network", contributed by Kim Fortun, Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 26 July 2020, accessed 30 June 2022. https://disaster-sts-network.org/content/disaster-sts-network-0