Discussion of land use in 1993 Jinshan County


Discussion of land use in 1993 Jinshan County




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May 12, 2022 - 12:26am

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Agriculture in Jinshan district was prosperous in Japanese occupation period and gradually declined after 1970 when Taiwan faced a rapid economic growth under KMT’s rule. In 1990, land retirement and abandoned field became the most common scene in Jinshan because of the low income in peasant household (less than 20,0000 NTD per year). Migration and aging of population struck the countryside and intensified inequivalence between urban and rural area. 


The main group influenced by the rural-urban migration impact (usually the small-holder farmers) and the following effective solution to this problem has seldom been referred in the official archives. What we see in the map of the discussion of land use in 1993 Jinshan County by the techno-bureaucracy is an unrealistic urban planning in the hope of reproducing the successful model in Taipei and other big city. For the officials in local government responsible for securing tax revenue, attracting urban people to visit Jinshan by recreation farms and scenic attractions is one of the relatively practical way.


Jinshan District New Taipei City

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