EiJ Photo Essay: Calhoun County, Texas, USA

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EiJ Case Study Keywords

plastics, superfund, mercury, Formosa Plastics, Union Carbide, citizen science

Cotton, Shrimping & Petrochemical

1. What is the setting of this case? What are its assets? 

Calhoun County: RMP Facilities

2. What environmental threats (from worst case scenarios, pollution and climate change) are there in this setting? 

Opportunity Index 2021: Calhoun County, Texas

3. What intersecting factors -- social, cultural, political, technological, ecological -- contribute to environmental health vulnerability and injustice in this setting? 


Calhoun County: Dale Jurasek

4. Who are stakeholders, what are their characteristics, and what are their perceptions of the problems?

Formosa Plastics Texas Worker Interviews

Clean Water Suit Samples, 2019

5. What have different stakeholder groups done (or not done) in response to the problems in this case?  

The Waterkeepers Win

Cover: Nobody in Particular

6. How have environmental problems in this setting been reported on by media, environmental groups, companies and government agencies? 

Nobody in Particular (Graphic Novel)

Image: Remediating Plastic Pellet Pollution

7. What local actions would reduce environmental vulnerability and injustice in this setting?

Cleaning up over the Long Haul

Image: Stop the Oil Exports

8. What extra-local actions (at state, national or international levels) would reduce environmental vulnerability and injustice in this setting and similar settings? 

Pipeline & Port Proposal

Image: Fishing Cooperative, Calhoun County, Texas

9. What kinds of data and research would be useful in efforts to characterize and address environmental threats in this setting and similar settings?  

Calhoun County: Superfund and Climate Change

10. What intersecting injustices -- data, economic, epistemic, gender, health, infrastructure,  intergenerational, media, procedural, racial, reproductive -- contribute to environmental injustice in this setting?  


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November 22, 2021

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Tim Schütz, Kim Fortun, Brenda Vuong, Dana Austin and Vanessa Diehl. 22 November 2021, "EiJ Photo Essay: Calhoun County, Texas, USA", Archiving Formosa Plastics, Disaster STS Network, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 28 November 2021, accessed 6 December 2021.