El Vado air pollution monitoring results




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January 7, 2020

Critical Commentary

After a month of monitoring, it has been determined that concentrations of PM10 and sedimentable particles exceeded Ecuadorian and international standards. For PM10, daily averages had peaks during weekdays and lows in weekends. In the same way, sedimentable PM presented values up to 2.2 mg/cm2, with higher concentrations presented near high traffic points (as expected). In comparison with prior monitoring  in 2016 done by Danilo Mejía, a researcher at the University of Cuenca, our results showed a slight increase (.04) in the same area. Also noise levels were registered about 70 dBA, similar to 2016 monitoring results. Such high noise is expected for industrial areas, overpassing the limit for this commerce and housing area. In general, a continuous higher exposure is present, which represents risks for population directly linked to elevated car traffic presence. 


Ronny Zegarra - El Vado, 2019


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