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Kenner, Ali, Briana Leone, and James Adams. 2020. "Energy in COVID-19," In Transnational STS COVID-19 Project. Disaster-STS Research Network.

About Energy in COVID-19

Energy in COVID-19 is a collaborative research group working within the Transnational-STS COVID-19 project. The Energy in COVID-19 working group aims to share research and resources focused on energy infrastructures, transitions, vulnerability, and justice; we welcome researchers from any discipline. Our working group hosts a monthly reading group, as well as weekly working group meetings to share research updates. Both are held using Zoom video conferencing and utilize a digital workspace. 

We invite project participants to adopt one or more of the project’s shared research questions to address in a particular setting, or across settings.  Alternatively (or additionally) participants can adopt a setting (at any scale), responding to all questions of interest. Participants can also add research questions, or respond to questions with a pointer to comparative examples or relevant theory and concepts.  In other words: there are many ways to participate, in delimited or extensive ways.

Working in the Energy in COVID-19 Research Group

A good point of entry to the project is to begin annotating the Energy in COVID-19 essay by responding to one (or more) of the questions in our Scales and Systems analytic. Some of the other tasks to be performed as a group participant consist of looking over research findings, sharing their own research findings, doing collaborative writing, and gathering relevant artifacts. To expand the projects we plan on conducting monthly reading shares and bi-weekly meetings on research reports and project updates.

Research Group Updates

Join our Weekly Meetings: Mondays at 2pm ET (11am PT)

Email James Adams ( for more information

EIC-19 Past Meetings

  • November 2nd, 2020: Discussed upcoming release of the October Research Brief and potential follow-up survey questions.
  • October 29, 2020: Finished an analysis of the Energy Vulnerability survey results.
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