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Adams, James. 2019. “Energy Transition.” In Themes, edited by Tim Schütz. In Quotidian Anthropocene, edited by Kim Fortun and Scott Knowles. March.

Energy Transition Scales and Systems Questions

DEUTERO: What conceptual apparatuses and habits, modes of collectivity and economy scaffold (or undercut) reflexive reconsideration of how this site’s energy system is being thought and talked about? META: How are energy transition imaginaries—motivations, rationalities, methods, means, scales, etc...Read more

About the Quotitidan Anthropocene Project

The Quotidian Anthropocene project explores how the Anthropocene is playing out on the ground in different settings. The aim is to create both situated, place-based and comparative perspective, building new modes of collective knowledge and action. Extending from Eli Elinoff and Tyson Vaughn’s...Read more

About the Author

James Adams is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at University of California, Irvine.

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