Environmental education at the wetland in Jinshan


Environmental education at the wetland in Jinshan




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May 12, 2022 - 12:32am

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In this picture of environmental education program, we can see many biological concepts are introduced to children such as the quantitative measurement of the vision of aquatic bird and protective coloration.


In accordance with the environmental protection movement and the goal of attracting talented people back to their Jinshan hometown, TEEF appealed local people to be aware of the ecological function and uniqueness of their farmland. TEEF also delivered knowledge from classical biology textbook to local farmer and resident. Furthermore, they trained volunteer guides to engage in the in-depth travel which combines food education and environmental education for visitors. People in TEEF exerted their own expertise to came up with several win-win solution and raised money for the Siberian White Crane but soon after encountering problems.

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