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EiJ Key Concepts

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Environmental Injustice

a compound effect of data, economic, health, intergenerational, media, procedural and reproductive injustice

Data Divergence

“Data divergence” describes different ways of characterizing a problem…   Quiz/exam question: 


In Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, petrochemical company representative say that there is no connection between their operations and high rates of COVID-19 in the region.  Scientists and activists say that there is a connection. This is an example of 

  • data divergence

  • historical disadvantage

  • the precautionary principle

Historically Disadvantaged Populations & Communities

UN 1948 on historically disadvantaged communities

CA on disadvantage communities

Quiz/exam question: 

Historical disadvantage results from 

  • results from the lingering effects of past discrimination

  • helps explains exceptionally high COVID-19 rates in black, Latinx and indigieous communities in the United States

  • helps explain low educational levels and political disempowerment in many communities of color


Example red-lining: