Establishing a initiative: a summary of results in El Vado.




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January 7, 2020

Critical Commentary

A few weeks after the tactic urbanism intervention, the results began to be notorious. Population felt safer with the implementation of secure paths and colors, which increased pedestrian space. Although air pollution monitoring was not able to show the immediate pollution reduction due to a national strike that stopped transport and normal activities in the city, car traffic entering in El Vado was considerably reduced. About 500 vehicles were restricted to enter unnecessarily, which represents a considerable amount of pollutants not emitted in this area. Population observed a more fluid transit, avoiding excessive stop-start combustion. The Municipality saw enough improvements and positive feedback (except from some unhappy drives) that they decided to maintain the changes. The main benefits were pedestrian safety and faster car circulation. There was also mention of a positive impact on pollution control through informed citizen processes (not based on actual pollution data yet). Additional monitoring will be necessary to further evaluate pollution and noise variations. We expect this experiment has contributed to an interdisciplinary understanding of urban interventions and will further promote pollution reduction mechanisms along side car and pedestrian mobility decisions in the city.


Ronny Zegarra - El Vado, 2019


El Vado
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