This space will serve to build connections between various communities affected by Formosa Plastics.

It will enable creative explorations of existing data, as well as requests for future data collection

There will further be examples of how the archive interlaces with and support ongoing campaigns against Formosa Plastics.

Pollution, Data, Activism Exhibition, 03.20.2021


The Design Group is planning a series of virtual workshops, connecting interested participants across communities and further building out the archive.

The first workshop -- tentatively planned for Winter 2021 -- will be announced via the mailing list.

Mailing List

We are currently building a group of community members, advocates and scholars that are interested in develop the Formosa Plastics Archive. If you would like to participate, click here:

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For recent updates on the struggle against Formosa Plastics in Louisiana's Cancer Alley, visit stopformosa.org.


The Formosa Plastics Archive supports efforts by educators, including the Beyond Environmental Injustice Teaching Collective.

Below are examples of projects that link to material stored in the archive.