This collection outlines governance, contributions and collaborations around the Formosa Plastics Archive.


Tim Schütz (

Shan-Ya Su (


Diane Wilson, Paul Jobin

Design Group Statement

The Formosa Plastics Archive Design Group, led by Tim Schütz and Shan-Ya Su , will continue to develop and steward the project, establishing its conceptual and...Read more

Collaboration Ethics

The Formosa Plastics Archive is a non-profit project with an education mandate. The project contributes to and runs in the spirit of a creative commons, expansively conceived. t is designed to create public knowledge resources and new methods and...Read more

Shared Bibliography

Click to access the shared bibliography for the Formosa Plastics Archive.

If you would like to contribute readings, register for...Read more


Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography

The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) is a free and open source (Drupal-based) digital platform that supports multi-sited, cross-scale ethnographic and historical research. PECE provides a place to archive and share primary data, facilitates analytic collaboration, and...Read more

Disaster STS Network

The Disaster-STS Network links researchers from around the world working to understand, anticipate and respond to disaster, fast and slow. Current projects focus on Quotidian Anthropocenes ,...Read more